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Creative Writing 20 John Lennon- was born October 9th/1940 at oxford street maternity hospital, in Liverpool England. His mom was hit by a car and killed instantly. John lived with his auntie for the rest of his teen years and helped found the Beatles. A mentally ill man waited for John outside his apartment and shot him 5 times. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. His music of peace and love still influence our lives today.

Paul McCartney- was born in Liverpool, England June 8th 1942. In 1964 the Beetles go global and play in tons of concerts worldwide. In 1971 the Beatles split up and Paul releases his solo album "McCartney"� in 1980 he releases his second solo album "McCartney II"� which had 2 hit singles. In 1998 Linda McCartney passes on and memorial services are held in London and New York. He continues writing songs and "living life to the fullest"�.

Ringo Starr- was born July 7th/1940. He sang and played the drums for the Beatles. He went solo after the Beatles split up and is still currently solo.

George Harrison- was born Feb 25/43 in Liverpool England. His real name is L'Angelo Misterioso he played the guitar and sang for the Beatles. He now has 3 solo albums and is currently working on another.

Ian Anderson- introduced the flute into rock music. He plays the flute, guitar, bouzouki(???), mandolin, harmonica, and sings(talented guy). He has 30 albums and sold 60 million copies all together.

Bo Diddley- was born December 30th/28. He signed with chess records in 1955. I'm a man and Uncle john were both big hits which sent him top the top of the rhythm and blues charts and establishing him with the greats like Nat king Cole and muddy waters.

Peter Gabriel- was born on Feb 13th/50 in Britain. As he grew older he joined a band named Genesis which had a lot of hit singles. After he left Genesis he started to work on his solo career, but it didn't work out to good. He joined the police and had a big hit single called Sledgehammer, which won more MTV awards than any other song in history.

Elvis Presley- was born on January 28th/35 he got his first guitar after winning in a singing contest after that his career started to evolve. He signed with sun records and had many hits. After that RCA bought him which started his acting career. He starred in 4 movies. Elvis died on August 16th/77.

Little Richard- little Richard signed with RCA records in 1952 after winning a talent contest. He had many hits like "good golly miss molly"� and his biggest hit "tutti frutti"�. Even today he is contributing to many charities and foundations.

Stevie Nicks- was born may 26th/48. In 1975 after joining Fleetwood Mac released their 1st album "white album"� which didn't fair to good. Their 2nd album with the song "dreams"� which was a number 1 hit sold over 32 million copies.

Mick Fleetwood- was born June 24/47. He founded Fleetwood Mac and made 25 albums and had many hits.

Kim Mitchell- was born in 1952 in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. She formed the band max Webster which wasn't very successful. After splitting up she made a solo album which had a double platinum hit "go for soda"�. You can probably see her on "where are they now"� on VH1.

Ronnie VanZant- January 15/49 and died Oct 20th 1977. He was in the band "˜Lynyrd Skynyrd' he toured for 4 years till he and a couple of his band mates died in a plane crash.

Sly Stone- had many albums and I never even heard of the guy.

Ray Davies- was born Jun 21st/44. He was in the band "the kinks"� which was a part of the British invasion rock thingy in the 60's. He has now gone solo.

David Bowie-was born Jan 8th/47 in Brixton, England. He made a pretty big impact upon the world of music by saying he was a bisexual and dressing in women's clothing. He is still making a impact on the world today.

Ray Charles- was born on Sept 23/30. He went blind at an early age, which set him back on playing with his friends. So he took up music to take up free time. As he grew older he was quite popular, but racism held back his popularity. When the blacks were freed he was known all around the world.

Roy Orbison- one of my personal favorite oldie artists with the song pretty woman, but he had bad luck almost through-out his life with his wife dying in a motorcycle accident and his 2 sons dying in a house fire. He is truly one of the best.

Van Morrison- I heard of the guy but never really listened to his music. But man this guy has a lot of albums. George Ivan Morrison was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland on August 31st, 1948. I heard the song "baby please don't go"� but that's all I heard from him.

Eric Burden- he had 3 bands they were Eric Burdon & The animals E.B & the new animals & E.B&war.

Billy Gibbons- was born December 16th/50 he played in several bands before meeting up with his future and successful band mates forming zztop.

Frank beard- was born June 11th/49 and had it rough making his way to the top not having the proper funds growing up but one little hook up with a band and he hit it big.

Dusty Hill- was born may 19th/49. He is the low profile of the group not well known like Billy Gibbons but is financially set for the rest of his life.

Steve Tyler was born mar 26/48 he was in 7 bands until joining Aerosmith and hitting it big. He has a daughter named "Liv Tyler"� who is into acting. Their biggest hit was I don't want to miss a thing, which is on the Armageddon soundtrack staying on #1 for 4 weeks. He now has a new album out which has another big hit jaded.

Tom Cochrane- was born may 19th, 1958 in Lynn lake Manitoba, a former red rider. In the early 90's Tom went solo and had a hit "life is a highway"�. He made many albums but they were not as good as the first one.