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John Lennon John Lennon was a brave revolutionary who blazed a trail for many individuals in his time and for generations to come. John grew up in an ever-changing world and extreme circumstances. Despite the odds, John rose to be a great poet who turned the heads of many with his works like Belonely and Imagine, which both were a great symbol of free thought and imagination that can be described none other then a direct representation of his childhood.

John was born in Liverpool England, brought into this world by his mother Julia Lennon and father Freddy Lennon in 1940. Now to understand John's circumstances clearly, the history of the time he was living in was quite an intense time for all residents of all Europe. At this time, England was amidst a decline of moral, patriotism, and actual land mass. Before WWII, England had been a controlling world power for over 1,000 years.

The influence of Germany's conquest upon England completely ripped England apart by ravaging their outer territories by bombings. The allied forces pushed through Europe and forced the land into not having a ruler or government, or even the intent to rule the wastelands. Now Liverpool, having tons of allies pushing through, turned from a once stuck up snob-infested area, into a rowdy drunken cultural melting pot. But the influence of Liverpool's prior existence thrived, "across the train-tracks", as some might say, with the stuck up section sided on one side, and the battered part on the opposite side of the town as it continued its meddling with a constant flow of war associated facilities. Now John grew up right in the turning point in the war, the allied forces had just managed to stop Germany's march of utter destruction. He lived in much more then...