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Jean-Paul Sartre, the Existentialist, has been called a brilliant French mind. Many people in America did not take his work as one of the leaders in Existentialism, but now no one in their right mind would say such a thing about Sartre. Sartre?s honesty, his expertise as a writer, his insight and originality, have won him a broader audience than any other philosopher in his lifetime. In his work he has brought a French mentality to life and adjusted to more of the metaphysical side of things rather than psychological modes of reasoning. Sartre is an Existentialist who operates a study in the way a Cartesian person would; any analysis begins with the self. From this he derives other progressions like know-doing, being-becoming, and nature-freedom.

LIFE Jean-Paul Sartre was born in Paris on June 21, 1905. His father past away just shortly after, when he was only fifteen months old.

Sartre also had a sickness called enteritis when his father died. His mother not having the financial abilities after all of this had to move to Meudon in 1907. Here is where her parent?s, Charles and Louis Schweitzer, lived. His mother?s parents then basically raised Sartre, or at least that is what it seemed like to him. Sartre and his mother had to share a room and even his own mother was treated like a child. So at the age of three, Sartre reached several conclusions about his life thus far and they were; his grandfather was a poor substitute for a real father, his mother was his sister (that is the way he felt), and his mission in life was already predetermined. His Grandfather, Charles, took in the responsibility for teaching Sartre since he was once a scholar, as well as, a teacher. Charles taught him all about...