John Proctor Vs. John F. Kennedy

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John Proctor vs. John F. Kennedy Two men both from different times, world's cultures, find themselves more alike than they could ever know. Decent God loving men, both in their own ways hero's of their times. John Proctor of "The Crucible" and John Kennedy, the former American President are more similar than anyone could have ever imagined.

John Proctor, an upstanding citizen in Salem, Massachusetts in the Puritan community in the late 1800's wrongly accused of witchcraft and sentenced to death. Proctor has had a rough life. He was married to Elizabeth Proctor, whom having cheated on with their housekeeper, Abigail, stood by him. Elizabeth, one of the many wrongly accused, tried to reason with John in a few of his final hours. Both, in the middle of a fight between good and evil eventually did the right thing. To John having chosen God over the devil and even his family, in turn would help his wife and children.

John Kennedy, an upstanding citizen, politician, and eventually President was born into the early 1900's and was married to a good woman like Elizabeth, Jackie. Much like Proctor he also cheated on his wife with a woman named Marilyn Monroe. But, because of his love for his wife and his children, ended the affair.

Both Proctor and Kennedy are good men, even though neither were saints, in their lives they found their love of God in the end. One thing they didn't have in common however is how their lives ended. Both tragic, and they both died with their pride and dignity, but each in a different way. Proctor was hung for the false accusation of practicing with the devil, and because he refused to confess to something he didn't do. Kennedy was assassinated by a crazy man who didn't...