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John Smith PERSONAL ESSAY My name is John Smith. I am 22 years old. I am a senior at Mt San Jacinto College. I live in Hemet CA. with my roommate and brother and I?m the oldest in my family. I feel I am a very responsible and a hard worker in and out of school. I get my homework done and help my mom with my five-year-old sister when she is working long hours. I feel that is one of many reasons why I?m responsible.

I am also a very competitive person. I always try my best to do the best at whatever I do, in or out of school. In school my greatest strength is I am organized and detailed. I try my hardest on all assignments. Out of school my greatest strength is I always use my free time wisely. My theory is there is always something to be done.

My greatest weakness in school is staying focused on the topic or subject that doesn?t interest me. For example, my thoughts may wonder-off and I will be thinking about something else, other then the story I?m reading, if the book is not interesting to me. My weakness out of school is I tend to kid around too much.

During my free time I enjoy going up to the mountains with my family to snowboard. We go several times during the winter. I work on my web page, and talk to my friends on the internet. I also play my guitar during free time.

My favorite hobbies are dirt bike riding and studying. Every weekend I study with all my friends at my house. I also like building things out of wood such as my entertainment center.

If I were to describe myself to a college roommate...