This is about JOhn Steinbeck who is one of Americas greatest authors.

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"John Steinbeck was one of the greatest American authors of his time..." (Spiller,

), and will, contrary to many skeptics beliefs, be known for his use of

sentimentalism, realism, and "...his ability to envelop the feelings of

Americans." (Wooley, Newsbank) He did this through diligent research in

discovering the true America in its rawest form. The product of this research

was some of the most popular and widely criticized books in all of Americas

literary history. One of the most prominent aspects of his greater works were

the setting. Steinbeck drew on the personal experience of being born and raised

in the California agricultural area of Salinas Valley to compose many of his

most famous books.

Steinbeck was born on February 27, 1902 in Salinas California. "The two

important facts about the first phase of his life are that he was a Californian

and the he wanted to be a serious writer."

(French, 19) California was a great

place for a young and aspiring writer to grow up. It had so many tumultuous

periods in it's history; the Spanish settlers, the Gold Rush, the building of

the transcontinental railroad, and the hardships of migrant workers. These epic

events made California almost a legend in itself. His family came to Salinas as

conquerors of the frontier. His grandfather migrated to California straight

from Ireland, and his father moved there from Florida at the time of the Civil

War. Steinbeck's father, John Ernst, Sr., was the treasurer of Monterey County

for many years and was also a miller. His mother, Olive Hamilton, taught at many

schools in the Salinas area. He also had three sisters.

Steinbeck had ample access to the three things Emerson said went into the

making of a scholar; nature, books, action. Steinbeck was a small town boy,