John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men

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Everyday, there are many things we value in our environment with the other individuals of our society; in all of one?s lifetime, deep down buried under the surface are several important close ties with many different individuals, these types of relationships are classified by many as friendships. Friendships bring a lot of reassurance to an everyday experience through life knowing people will be there along the way. This reassurance brings a lot of thoughts and feelings through one?s mind and soul, some of these feelings include the sensations that nothing could go wrong, and there?s no other place that the individual would rather be, even more described, a feeling of enjoyment and being content. This sensation of enjoyment is too classified by a common name, the name is ?happiness?. When you have these two elements of ?friendship? and ?happiness?, combined, it can create yet another element that is just as rewarding.

Through friendship a link between two individuals is already created. When you add even more happiness to it than that already created through friendships, the outcome is usually much more. This greater outcome may cause one to do anything for the other in guidance, or in sacrifice. This last element once again has a name given by many, and this name is ?love?. Just like in Steinbeck's creation, "Of Mice and Men", a great example of which three thematic elements are very significant to the relationship between two very different men, friendship, happiness, and love are three very important thematic elements in the book, ?Of Mice and Men?.

In the unique book by John Steinbeck, ?Of Mice and Men?, two very different men are presented as the main characters. One of these two men is named George, and the other is named Lennie. In the amazing story Steinbeck...