John Steinbeck's story The pearl and the "song of the pearl" and how it changes throughout the story

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"The Song of the Pearl" changes throughout the novel The Pearl by John Steinbeck. Steinbeck does a great job of creating the song of the pearl and its accepts. It begins with a hopeful sound, then changes to fit the song of the family and eventually intertwines with the song of evil.

When Kino first finds the pearl it gives him for a new life. It is described as "the pearl of the world." When Kino hears it describes it as "the secret melody of the maybe pearl broke clear and beautiful, Rich and warm and lovely, blowing and gloating and triumphant. In the surface of the great pearl he could see dreams forms" (19). Ths states that the pearl will be the escape from poverty for Kino and his family. Kino, also, dreams that his son will go to school and get an education. He says "My son will read and open the books, and my son will write and will know writing.

And my son will make numbers, and these will make us free because he will know--he will know through him we will know." (37) He says this because he wants his son to live a better life than he is living, This is a daring thing for Kino to say because people of his class usually don't go to school or learn how to read and write, The pearl starts as a hopeful gate to wealth and a new life.

As the story progresses it begins to change to the song of the family. The pearl

becomes a part of the family. It becomes a part of the family because it's Kino, his family and the pearl against the rest of the world. Kino describes the pearl as being his "soul." Kino has become...