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Rocky Mountain Bullhorn ~ Writer's Guidelines Who we are: Rocky Mountain Bullhorn, with a circulation of 20,000, provides communities in Northern Colorado with news, views, arts and entertainment. This regional monthly alternative newspaper is known for its investigative journalism and exposes, as well as coverage of social issues, public affairs and popular culture. Rocky Mountain Bullhorn is the primary publication of Poudre River Publishing, Inc., a locally owned and operated company formed from the vision of two friends.

Who we want: Rocky Mountain Bullhorn welcomes both published and unpublished freelance writers and especially appreciates submissions from writers in Northern Colorado. Unpublished and less experienced-yet competent-writers are encouraged to submit great story ideas. Bullhorn editors enjoy working with promising new writers.

What we look for: Hard-hitting, investigative reports; fresh analysis; thoughtful, provocative stories; distinct, honest voices; and people-oriented pieces. The following sections/departments are open for submissions: · Views: Issues, personal experiences and ideas criticized, analyzed and/or satirized with a clear voice.

From wit to wisdom, from politics to pool-this department contains a potpourri of styles and topics. (300-1500 words) ? · Outgoing Mail: This section (within Views) features letters of grievance, annoyance or disgust directed to individuals, organizations or companies/corporations. Letters must have public relevance, i.e. no letters to your neighbor's dog or that guy who puked on your lawn. (300-500 words) ? · News: Timely investigative pieces covering local, national or global issues. Although we prefer to publish unreported, regional stories, we welcome unique angles on issues already reported-or likely underreported-by mainstream, corporate media. (300-2000 words) ? · Cover Feature: Local focus or impact necessary. Cover stories are decided at least two months in advance (unless otherwise designated by the editor) and are largely written by staff editors and writers. Unpublished writers are discouraged from querying this department. Published writers should be prepared to submit exceptional, feature-length clips. ? · Music & Arts: Newsworthy and relevant articles pertaining to art, artists and audiences. All forms of art and entertainment considered. (500-1500 words) ? · Reviews: Music, dance, theatre, film, visual arts and literary reviews providing critical and/or analytical treatment. No promotional reviews or fan mail accepted. (300-1000 words) ? · Subterranean Sounds: A section dedicated to lesser-known musical brilliance. (250-500 words) ? · Leads, Ideas, and Information: If you are not a writer, and you have one of these, please let us know. Support the cause.

How to submit: While detailed queries (a page or two) are preferred, we're happy to consider finished pieces on timely issues. Published writers should submit a photocopy of a published piece with a query. Unpublished writers should provide a writing sample with a query. (On occasion, we may ask for a complete manuscript.) All submissions should include vital info (name, address, email, phone number, weight, height, sex, etc). Please double space all materials and include an SASE if submitting by snail mail. When emailing submissions, send Word or Word-compatible attachments. Due to the amount of submissions we receive, we are not always able to promptly respond to your queries. Thank you for your patience.

Why you should submit: Because we are one of very few alternative newspapers in Northern Colorado, and because we love supporting regional writers. Our rates vary per article, but they are very competitive. Currently, we do not have the resources to hire staff writers, although we do need reporters willing to take an occasional assignment.

Send Submissions to: Rocky Mountain Bullhorn Attn: Editor 147 W. Oak Street, Suite 3 Fort Collins, CO 80524 or