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STORY OUTLINE (planning) Title: Johnny Tremain (A Newberry Medal Award Winner) Author: Esther Forbes I. Opening (Setting & Main Characters) Johnny was almost king of the Lampham's House. There were two other apprentices in the house, Dove and Dusty. The apprentices' owner was Mr. Lampham, and his wife, Mrs. Lampham, and the children, Cilla, Madge, Dorcas and Isannah. Later, Johnny had another master called Rab.

II. Middle (Problems) Johnny was making a silver handle for Mr. Lyte when the other apprentice, Dove, gave him the cracked cup for holding silver. When Johnny saw the leak, he jumped up and tripped, and his hand fell into the molton silver. Afterwards, he had a disabled hand. Dove had not meant to hurt Johnny that badly, all he had wanted to do was to teach Johnny a lesson.

III. Climax (Main Problem Solved) Johnny's master released him from being an apprentice because of his bad hand.

Johnny could not find any job until he met a printer called Rab who taught him how to ride a horse and how to write with his left hand, and gave him a nice place to sleep.

IV. ("Loose Ends Tied Up") Rab was one of the sons of Liberty, so when Revolutionary War started, Rab was sure to sign up to fight in the war. The war continued, but Rab died and so did hundreds of others. Johnny lived happily ever, though, because some relatives found out that Johnny was related to Mr. Lyte, so Johnny would be able to live comfortably for the rest of his life.