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Ryan Macdonald Johnny Tremain Esther Forbes Setting Boston Massachusetts around (1773 to 1775). Revolutionary War era.

Characters Johnny Lyte Tremain Young boy who's mother died when he was young, apprenticed to a silversmith named Mr. Lapham. Main character in the book.

Mr. Lapham A silversmith that Johnny is apprenticing. He is a good silversmith but he cannot remember his orders very well.

Mrs. Lapham Johnny's foster mother. She provides Johnny with room and board while he is shadowing Mr. Lapham.

Cilla Lapham Third daughter out of four in the Lapham family. She is the nicest to Johnny. She is constantly taking care of her younger sister Isannah.

Isannah Lapham Fourth daughter in the Lapham family. She was the rudest to Johnny. Cilla had to take care of her because she was so small and sickly.

Rab Johnny's closest friend. A couple of years older than Johnny, he worked for the Boston Observer printing newspapers.

Rab helps Johnny throughout the story.

Dusty & Dove Boys who were also apprenticed out to Mr. Lapham. Johnny was better at everything. The two boys got stuck with the worst jobs and did not like Johnny for being so good as a silversmith. Dove was mean to Johnny because Johnny was so bossy toward the both of them.

Paul Revere A local Boston silversmith known for his great work. He was kind and generous. He was a member of the secretive "Observers" club at the Boston Observer. He is a Whig.

John & Samuel Adams Local Whigs, highly recognized men in Boston. They are also part of the "Observers" club.

Merchant Jonathan Lyte A very prosperous merchant who is kin to Johnny. He is very dishonest and steals from Johnny. He wants nothing to do with Johnny.

Lavinia Lyte Merchant Lyte's daughter. She is very...