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4.1 J&J's implementation for stakeholder's management (according to the Credo)

4.1.1 Responsibility of product users

We believe our first responsibility is to the doctors, nurses and patients, to mothers and fathers and all others who use our products and services (Johnson& Johnson, 2013). The company do their product at the high quality and focus on the service of the customers' orders. We can find that the Johnson & Johnson recall for announced two recalls of well-know products in a week let the public focus on their quality of the goods (Kate Thomas, 2013). Although the company face to the huge stress from the different aspects but the company still responsibility to their users recall the goods which have the quality questions.

4.1.2 Responsibility of employees

The company also responsibility to their employees, they considered each of them as an individual, treated them equality and also provide the competent management and help their family responsibilities (Johnson& Johnson, 2013).

Since 2005, the company provide the Occupational Health and Wellness and Health Promotion services (Johnson& Johnson, 2013).

4.1.3 Responsibility of communities

The leaders of the Johnson& Johnson also focus on the communities' responsibility, where they live and work (Johnson& Johnson, 2013). The Johnson & Johnson provided US $15 million to support the rapid acceleration of efforts to stop new HIV infection among children (EWEC, 2011). And also the Johnson& Johnson have signed on to the partnership initiated by the USAID to increase the availability of high-quality, high-impact maternal, newborn and child health services in health facilities around the world (Mandy Hovland, 2013). The China Johnson and Johnson Ltd support their employees to be the volunteers in the no-profit activities and cooperate with the sina website company hold a 'Johnson and Johnson China Volunteer Month 2012' to support the public welfare activity.

4.1.4 Responsibility of stockholders

One of the important parts for a company is the stockholders, because they fund support to the company and believe the control of the company. So the same as the other company, Johnson& Johnson need responsibility the profit and fair return for each stockholder (Johnson& Johnson, 2013). According to the annual report in 2012 of the Johnson & Johnson Company, we can discover that the net earnings is $10,514 million in 2012 and $9,672 million in 2011, compare with the 2011 the earnings per share in 2012 was increased $0.37 (Johnson& Johnson, 2013). All the data show us the company not only own the profit for the company but also let the stockholders earn the benefits in the last year.

4.2 Supplementary guarantee

4.2.1 Institutional design

Due to the issue of the case, the company need code of ethics to constraint their behavior. The main objective of a code of ethics is to give each person several internal and external professional public, agreed understanding of professional obligations under the rules of acceptance mutually.

The principles of our code of ethics is intended to describe guiding ethical decision-making, to ensure the safe use of our products and providing our patients and their families, doctors, nurses and health-care providers best interests (Johnson & Johnson, 2013). The company has their own code of ethics, according to the codes; they promise taking best interests to consumers as their responsibility. Since the company has code of ethics, they should get its acts together. Enforcement of a code of ethics not only depends on Self-regulation but also the company can set up an explicit institution to supervise and implement company with code of ethics.

4.2.2 Public supervision

While most of the world's largest companies now have codes of ethics, ethical misconduct reported incidents have not seemed to decrease. This indicates that there is a gap between ethical and moral values and principles as well as difference in forms of expression there are also differences. It is not enough to depend on internal institution supervise company enforcement code of ethics. So it needs stronger power to supervise the company assessing code of ethics, such as legislation and associations. Current debate on business ethics in Australia continues apace as the excesses of the 1980s are exposed (Bruce N. K, 1992). Code of ethics is a high profile instrument in the business scene. Therefore according to Australia's changing legal frameworks may appear a greater role of codes of ethics.


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