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Executive Summary

The purpose of this paper is to provide a Public Relations Campaign to Johnson & Johnson for moving an existing production facility overseas. This is a very sensitive topic, but the business analysis showed this would in the best interest for the corporation. This PR campaign is to be reviewed with the board of directors for approval as the budget for the campaign is $277,000.00.

PR Campaign

There are public relations and political risks associated with deciding to outsource beyond our borders. In a weak domestic economy in which good, high paying and stable jobs are hard to come by, there is increasing public and political resistance to allowing foreign workers into the U.S. This resistance is reflected in a reduction in the number of U.S. visas being issued, and political resistance to outsourcing work overseas. Such resistance has been expressed in the recent passing of laws prohibiting the outsourcing of certain state funded call center operations to service providers overseas, notably in New Jersey.

Also, if the economy weakens it is possible that there will be political pressure to pass laws barring the procurement of technology developed overseas by any state or the federal government.

Furthermore, be on the lookout for large-scale consumer backlashes

against companies that make extensive use of offshore outsourcing arrangements to reduce costs. It is clear that many companies are concerned about potential public relations issues based on the efforts that companies undertake to avoid revealing the fact that they use offshore service providers.

At Johnson and Johnson, the opposition that we are receiving is not from angry protesters and politicians but from our own employees. This area of the PR campaign will focus on this group and how to help alleviate some of their concerns.

Their opposition can take many forms. Individuals...