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Deven Wise Leadership of Public Service H.S

Section 4: Applicant short response section

Short response #1:

I believe that at the time and extent that we as American's in a diverse society that we are in a bad time right now, where many families are fasted by loosing their jobs, and not being able to get their raise or the money that they really deserve to get. Those families that are suffering with not able to support their family wont be able to feed their family correctly or buy their family things that they want and need. I believe that if the country stays the way it is that this country "America" will be in bad shape and will be heading for some trouble.

My opinion and my family's opinion we think that it really isn't fair that people that work for their entire life that cant even get the money that they are suppose to get, but on the other hand millionaires and billionaires that are already rich can still get richer and richer.

That's why as I walk to school in the morning and afternoon I still see protestors that want to stop Wall Street and their millionaire thieves from stealing. The reason why that I had chose the issue as a national was because what I had wrote I really feel that if the country really stays the way it is it will be a bad country, many, and many American workers really get fed up of what the politicians are doing and how they govern new york

Short response #2:

I have couple of reasons why that I want to be apart of the "SEO" program is for I really want to be apart of a program that really helps you and gives...