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Jollibee Case

1. The fast food business is like any other industry; to make money one has to be efficient, flexible, and serviceable. Most importantly, it helps to have brand recognition. When customers enter a Jollibee, McDonald's, or Burger King, they do not want to wait long for their food. The time from when they get in line until they get their food has to be minimized. I know from my own experience that if I wait more than five minutes I am dissatisfied. To help reduce time, kitchens in fast food restaurants must have a good flow. The grill cannot be too far from the counter. The burgers have to come off the grill and be able to get to the counter very quickly. If the grill is in the back and the counter in the front, the time it takes to move the food will increase. People who frequent fast food establishment are often pressed for time so every second counts.

Also, people want the food tailored to their own tastes. Some people may demand a sandwich without mayonnaise. If this request cannot be completed, then customers will go elsewhere. Jollibee's often tried to tailor their menus to meet the needs of consumers. In Muslim countries, they eliminated all pork from their food and menu (pg 9.) Similarly, customers may ask for changes at the counter. A person may ask for a Big Mac without the special sauce. If a person requests no sauce, he wants his order to be handled accurately and timely. If he receives a sandwich with sauce, he will have to go back to the counter and wait for a new sandwich. This will waste his time and give him a bad sense of customer service.

Another important key to success is name...