Jonathan Pollard,American spy. why he is still in jail, about his case, includes thesis statement.

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Jonathan Pollard was a spy for Israel, against America. He complied top secret information about war threats planned against Israel. He saved many innocent lives by spying. What Jonathan Pollard did was very wrong yet, it was right. Pollard did not get away with his illegal act. As a result to Jonathan Pollard spying on the U.S., he was caught and unfairly tried.

Jonathan Pollard was born in America on August 7, 1954. He was the youngest of three children. From his childhood he had a deep love for Israel, as well as his father (Sered, 2). Many years later Pollard studied at Stanford University (msn, 1). There he met his wife Anne Henderson Pollard. Together they lived in many places and had no children (Noe, 1). They always wanted to live in Israel, so the closest Pollard got to that was being an U.S. Intelligence Officer which worked with foreign countries (including Israel)(Sered, 1).

Pollard applied for a job in the CIA but was turned down because of occasional drug use in college. Officials thought Pollard had mental problems so they sent him for therapeutic help. Pollard came back with fine results, so he got back his job (Goldenberg, 8). He was offered a job on the CIA as an analyst for Naval Intelligence, so he took the job. Pollard was pro-Israel; therefore he made sure everything was good with the country. One day, Pollard came upon horrifying information which was in his hands to stop. He found out planned attacks from Arab countries on Israel. (Msn, 1) The attacks were well planned terrorist attacks, nuclear capabilities, and poison gas, all related to Syria and Iraq. Pollard confronted the CIA with this disturbing news but they replied: "Jews get nervous talking about poison gas; they don't need to know"...