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Shon Finlen January 24, 2002 English AP Lang/Comp- Period 7 Prose Analysis Essay A Modest Proposal In Jonathan Swift's essay, "A Modest Proposal", he attempts to provide an answer to the problem of poor parents who cannot provide for their children. The author uses a unique tone to argue his message. He uses a satiric undermining form of writing, yet he writes in a serious and convincing demeanor. By writing like this, the author causes the reader to think about his true meaning and thus the reader realizes the importance of his message, because they are made to think about the meaning. His choice to use a hidden message can cause confusion to the reader, who does not realize his intention. His absolute inhumane proposal only intensifies his true meaning, that the English landlords are hurting the Irish's chance of having a better life, that it is the equivalent of eating all their children.

To set up his proposal the author describes the importance of finding a cure for this national problem. His word choice helps set up the feeling of the essay. He describes the scene of the nation as melancholy and over crowded with female beggars. He does this in order to show how bad the nation is due to the poor women who cannot support their children. This image helps the reader better understand why a proposal is so important. In the first four paragraphs he is setting up the reason his proposal will be helpful and needed. He starts his straightforward and serious demeanor in these paragraphs that will be evident throughout the rest of the essay. In paragraph two he tells how the person who solves the problem will have his statue put up in honor of his accomplishment. The author does...