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Introduction Did Jonathan Swift's literary works reflect the life and times in which he lived? While researching for this paper I have read many criticisms, biographies and articles. In reading those I have come to the conclusion that his works clearly represented his life and times. I hope that by the end of this paper you agree.

Biography Jonathan Swift was born only 7 months after his father's death, on November 30th, 1667. His mother raised Jonathan at the expense of his Uncle Goodwin. It is believed that his Uncle Goodwin wasn't rich and therefor Jonathan was no stranger to poverty. Despite his uncle's lack of funds he still had a nurse who took care of him. His nurse grew so attached to him that when she left for England to visit a dying family member; she took Jonathan with her. Jonathan's mother was afraid that he wouldn't survive another trip back to Ireland so she left him with his nurse where he remained until he was five.

After his return to Ireland, his Uncle Goodwin took in Jonathan. He was sent to Kilkemy School when he was six and stayed for eight years. He was accepted into the University of Dublin when he was fourteen with his cousin Thomas Swift. While attending the University, Jonathan Swift went against the college's curriculum and its disciplinary fashions. It was because of his rebellious attitude that Swift got the worst punishment given by the college, he got his degree by special favor.

Shortly after college Jonathan Swift left Ireland. He went to live with his mother but was turned away because she herself was living with friends. She told him to get a job with Sir William Temple who was a retired statesman. He got the job and worked for 20...