Jos. Schlitz Brewing Company Winston - Salem, North Carolina Operation management report

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Introduction 3

Company profile 4

Specific operating information 8

Process management 8

Quality 8

Forecasting 9

Capacity 9

Inventory 10

Scheduling 10

Recommendations 12

Recommendations of inventory 12

Recommendations of forecasting 12

Conclusion 15

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This report is based on the plant information of Jos. Schlitz Brewing Company's sixth brewery, which located near Winston- Salem, North Carolina. The purpose of this report is to show the brewery's operation management, analysis and critique the plans and actions of the organization, and point out some disadvantages in the operating.

The following report is to introduce the brewery's profile and production process, which include brewing and packaging process. Then the report will describe the specific operation management, which are process management, quality, forecasting, capacity, inventory and scheduling. After that, I will point out some disadvantages in operating process and give some recommendations to improve the process.

Company profile

Jos. Schlitz Brewing Company is a North Carolina- based regional brewery that brews and distributes beers for markets in New England to some parts of Florida and inland to Ohio, Kentucky, and some parts of Tennessee. Its sixth brewery began production in June 1969 and situated near Winston- Salem, North Carolina. It cost the plant manager 2 years to organize the plant's staff and work forces to start- up. This sixth brewery was the largest brewery which has been built at one time. The area is 1.1 million square feet on 150 acres. The maximum productivity is 5 million barrels of beer per year. The total construction cost is $130 million.

The brewery offered diversiform products. There are six types of beer, which are Schlitz, Old Milwaukee, Schlitz Light, Old Milwaukee Light, Schlitz Malt Liquor, and Erlanger. According to the previous record of sales, the Old Milwaukee...