Jose Diego Rivera Barrientos: My Art, My Life

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On December eighth of 1886, Diego Rivera was born in the mexican city of Guanajuato. During his early childhood years his gift for painting slowly developed. By the age of ten he was already attending the San Carlos Fine Arts Academy. Later on he moved on to living in Europe where he was introduced to cubism and had his first exhibitions. He returned to Mexico were he expressed his government sponsored murals that reflected his ideas of Communist politics in history. Soon after that he met Frida Kahlo, an also well known artist, this relationship was just as popular as both of the artist. Diego soon became known as a famous Mexican muralist and also for being husband to the Frida Kahlo.

Diego made many contributions to the world of art but among all of these contributions he is most credited with the reintroduction on fresco painting .

He would demonstrate his radical political views through his art. When he visited America he brought his visions and unique ideas to more artist where he enlightened and inspired many of them.

Rivera was searching for a new form of painting, where he could be able to express his views of the complexities of his day but where he could still reach a wide audience. Through much search and experiments with other techniques was that he found his medium, the Renaissance frescoes of Italy.

Frescos are mural paintings done on fresh plaster. His newly found medium turned out to be perfect for him. He was now able to express his interests in the history of the progress on technology as well as to be able to paint Mexican history. These paintings were to be able to express his thoughts through large murals and his accessibility even included elite walls of...