Joseph Stalin's positive influence on the USSR.

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Russia was an undeveloped and political weak country that wanted change. During the suffering of World War 1 Vladimir Lenin stepped up and tried to change this. Lenin, preaching the words of Karl Marx, promised that the country would be in the rule of the working class and would go under a great change with him in power. After he was elected to power he made many reforms to benefit Russia then called the and make it more modern. When Lenin died in 1924, the USSR was still marginally unindustrialized and not close to its European counter-parts. This is when a man by the name of Joseph Stalin stepped out of Lenin's shadow and claimed he was the next one to farther improve Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Stalin was a very direct but paranoid person and dictator. He killed many thousands innocent people and exiled hundreds more. Although he did these unspeakable acts, he made many idealistic and beneficial acts that improved Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in the long and short term.

Joseph Stalin was a vile and controlling dictator, but even through his dramatic experiences in life was able to make the USSR a modern and powerful communist country.

Joseph Stalin was a needed aspect in the USSR to make it grow. Joseph Stalin had a very grueling childhood and way into power. On Joseph's way to power he went through a lot of difficult and testing times. When he got into power he made sure his visions of the USSR were going to come true. He took direct control over many projects so that his vision would be shaped to his expectations. When things did not go Stalin's way he would be extremely malicious. Killing or exiling thousands of millions of people


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