Josie learns about herself through the people in her life. Explain what she learns and from whom.

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In the novel, Looking for Alibrandi, Josie learn deeper inner truths rather than academic facts. She gained a great deal of knowledge from significant people including Nonna Katia, Michael, John and Jacob. By the end of the novel, Josie turned out to be more accepting and empathetic of the people around her, responsible and self-aware.

At first, Josie was a very emotionally distraught teenage girl. She was bothered about her Italian background and that she was also fatherless. She also had a range of judgementally mixed up feelings about others and herself. "I am sick of being an in-between." This is what Josie had to say about being half Italian and half Australian, with only one parent around her and the totally different martial status of kids around her at school. Since Josie was so mixed up and truthless, Josie learnt a lot about from herself and certain people in her life.

The most important person that Josie gained important knowledge from was her Nonna, Katia. Josie was constantly being quite hostile towards Nonna as the relationship between Katia and Christina was in a bit of a stir. Throughout the novel, Josie grew to understand her Nonna and realise that she should be proud of her Italian heritage and that being loved is very important. "I cried because I was loved by two of the strongest women (Nonna and Christina) I would ever know in my lifetime." These two points are emphasised the most after Josie finds out about the Marcus Sandford ordeal. In return, Josie teaches Nonna not to be a liar or hypocrite as happened in the previously mentioned case of Marcus Sandford. Thanks to Nonna Josie learns about herself, her pride to be who she is and that being loved by someone special is also very...