Journal Analysis                  In the journal entry that I read,

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Journal Analysis In the journal entry that I read, stereotyping and how it impacts us, there are many different type of studies that they use to find the information that they have come to. Stereotyping can influence people in many different ways because they think that they can be like the ones they stereotype.

In the first study Gray looked at the subtle and blatant acts of self-relevant stereotypes. The goal of her study was to find out if the thought that Asians are as good in mathematics as they are thought to be. She wanted to find out if the myth was true and to be able to see if many of the ideas are told to be subtle or blatant. The method of choice made by Gray was to design a test that would show that seventy-three Asian Americans attending Harvard would do experiments and to help her reach her goal.

The subtle condition in her study was to show Asians were associated with prime stereotypes. The students were asked a series of questions to put them into a stereotype. The blatant condition was completed by; reading and analyzing another question there. The procedure Gray used was individually evaluating the Asians after the test a final questionnaire was given and showed if they were talented in math. The results found from this experiment were the same in both the blatant and subtle stereotypes. I feel that the conditions the Asians were put under were greatly different in each of the two tests. I would ask only one question; if one were all around smarter than another would the outcome be significantly different? A strength in the study would be that they were looking for only math and no other subjects. A weakness that was brought to my attention would be that the study shows answers given under two different conditions.

The second study shows the impact of positive stereotypes on targets and non- targets. The purpose of this study is to find the effects on presentation by different stereotypes. The method used in this study is sixty non-Asians and thirty Asians exchanging monetary compensation. The results for this study are Asians answer more correct than non-Asians. My opinion is that this is a good study because I feel that a variety of different people should be used in determining results. My question is why would more non-Asians be in the study than Asians. The strength of this is that all of the same questions were asked to both groups. A weakness is that more than two sets of words should be used.

Stereotypes are groups that people use to make their social world easier to understand. Researchers have come to believe that stereotypes can?t only make people down but it can also give them a performance boost. Stereotypes depend on gender, ethnic, and social group that exhibit dramatic behaviors shifts corresponding with activation of group-based expectations.