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Janusz Sliwinski Mr Shehu English


23rd July, 1984

I'm on the bus with my Dad heading back home to Durham. Dad's snoring and his head is jumping up and down as the old bus drives over the bumpy uneven road. I'm trying to write this entry on the biggest day of my life, the day that decides whether I start off a new life doing a thing I am good at and like, or whether I return to the life that my dad, my brother Tony and I are destined for. This is the day that could change everything for me. Who would've thought two months ago that I would be allowed to come to London to audition for the Royal Ballet School?

What does dancing mean to me? I only know that I feel good when I'm dancing and it makes me feel close to my Mum.

She loved music. Ever since I started going to classes with Mrs Wilkinson, I've felt a spark of hope that perhaps I've found it! I mean the thing that makes me feel that I'm good. Dancing makes me feel as though I count. Before I found dancing, I had always felt that I wasn't tough enough to be the boxer or the miner that Dad wanted. I know everyone in our town thinks that male dancers are sissies or homosexuals. I know everyone thinks real men get dirty, fight and get drunk. But it's not true! I'm a man too! I hate it when people put these stereotypes on you. I know I'm different and I want a chance to be me. Everyone should be allowed to be who they are. Michael understands me because Michael has similar problems. I don't know much about dancing, but I do know that...