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Monday, May 3rd: My name is Enrique, head general of the Hittite Empire. It is the year 1350 B.C.E, and I am 35 years old. I have been summoned by King Gobi and Queen Stromi of the Hittite Empire to help them decide whether to or not conquer the Egyptians. I will travel to the Egyptian Empire and observe the everyday life and patterns of Egyptian people. I will keep a journal tracking everything I see and do on my voyage to the ancient Egyptian Empire.

Journal Entry #1, Tuesday, May 4th: On my first day in the marketplace, I saw many different foods and drinks for sample. I asked one of the locals to teach me about the different foods and drinks of his culture. He taught me that wheat and barley were the main crops; which were used to produce bread and beer. These were the most common foods, including many different kinds of animals.

My new friend, Jitsu, took me to one of the local festivals where we enjoyed many foods. We drank the most common drinks of the community; beer, water, and milk. The first day was an adventure through the marketplace exploring the food and drink. I was exhausted from the party; so I made my way to the Egyptian Suites.

Journal Entry #2, Wednesday, May 5th: On day two I traveled in to the marketplace to view some of the crafts and trade. The workers were specialized. They were highly skilled and respected. I witnessed the workers making jewelry and other clothing products. I met a worker named, Sonya, she explained to me that cities and towns along the Nile were major trade centers for their region. She also explained that goods normally were not paid for with currency or coins, but were...