Journal Entries for "Angela's Ashes" by Frank McCourt- Assignment: Choose a passage from each chapter and write a short (1 paragraph) description. (The passages are directly quoted from the book.)

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I. "Philomena said, There is a suspicion you might have Presbyterians in your family, which would explain what you did to our cousin."

It is obvious that there are great feelings of hatred and disgust between the Presbyterians and the Catholics. These feelings are seen throughout earlier pages, but this passage, although small, seems to express it the best. Malachy is a Catholic, but the sisters make the assumption that there are Presbyterians in his family and they use that assumption to explain why he had sex with Angela out of wedlock. It is a rather odd reason, but this reason makes perfect sense to the them because of their strong hatred towards Presbyterians.


"Mr. Heggarty says he'll look into Dad's claim and he'll be sure to let him know what turns up. He'll let us have money to take the bus back into the city. Dad looks at the coins in Mr.

Heggarty's hand and says, "You could add to that and make the price of a pint." (page 52, eighth indentation)

"A few shopkeepers give bread, potatoes, tins of beans and Dad says, We'll go home now and you boys can eat something, but we meet Uncle Pa Keeting and he tells Dad he's very sorry for his troubles and would Dad like to have a pint in this pub here?

There are men sitting in this pub with great glasses of black stuff before them. Uncle Pa Keeting and Dad have he black stuff, too. They lift their glasses carefully and slowly drink. There is creamy white stuff on their lips, which they lick with little sighs. Uncle Pa gets me a bottle of lemonade ad Dad gives me a piece of bread and I don't feel hungry anymore. Still, I wonder how long we'll...