Journal Entry #1 For First 3 Chapeters of A Foreign Field by Gillian Chan

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Journal Entry #1

In the three chapters that I have read, this novel has been quite interesting with many pleasing events. In my opinion this novel is wonderful but I wish there was more detail and more excitement in each event. The characters are well described and it looks like each character has a specific personality and a unique way of dealing with their complicated situations.

At the beginning of the novel we are introduced to the main character, Ellen who is fourteen years of age living at home in Canada. She is a hardworking person who is dedicated to keeping their house working in order. Ellen tries very hard with cooking, housework and watching her brother through the difficult times of war. She has a mischievous brother, Colin who loves to watch the planes go by at the local airfield. He has been told several times not to do this, for it is dangerous, however he still continues too.

One afternoon, while Ellen is desperately trying to finish cooking dinner and trying to find her wondering brother, she hears a knock at her door. As she peers through the peephole she eyes a uniform. Thinking it is her brother in the army, she throws her arms around the young man. As she sees that the man is a complete stranger, she begins blushing with embarrassment. It turned out that this man had caught Colin wondering through the airfield and came to bring him home. Soon after Ellen and Colin's parents arrived home and invited the young man, to stay for dinner. The pages go on to say that Stephen - the man who brought Colin home, becomes a close friend of the family, who often visits. These three chapters have many small events but this was the main event.