Journal Logs for Hamlet Act II

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5) In the beginning of Scene 1 Polonious is speaking to Reynaldo, who is about to be sent to France to check on Laertes. During this conversation you can see two sides of Polonious. He is very clever as he explains to Reynaldo how to get information about Laertes but he also seems to be a little foolish. On lines 56-58 he suddenly forgets what he is saying and has to be reminded of what he was talking about.

3) Polonious - Did you send Reynaldo to France because you don't trust Laertes? Do you think your advice fell on deaf ears? Ophelia - Didn't your encounter with Hamlet seem strange? Why would you not seeing him again cause him to go mad?

6) In line 120 Ophelia says "No, my good lord, but as you did command I did repel his letters and denied his access to me."

When she says this you learn that Ophelia has obeyed her fathers command to break contact with Hamlet. This shows her obedience to Polonious and dependence on him to tell her how to behave.


2) Scene 2 is very important to the play because Hamlet's plan to see if Claudius murdered his father is revealed. Without it Hamlet might be seeking revenge on Claudius without actual proof.

5) When Hamlet is pretending to be mad his acting is almost too good leading you to believe he may have actually gone mad. In scene 2 Hamlet says "I am but mad north-north-west when the wind is southerly I know a hawk from a handsaw." This quote is very important because it tells you Hamlet is definitely acting and hasn't gone mad.

4) Two quotes I liked from this scene show how Guildenstern and Rosencrantz are so similar and...