Journal Review of Immigration to Canada (James Stevens)

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The journal Immigration to Canada was published in spring 2000.

Canadian government is encouraging arrivals of new immigrants and refugees from around the world. For a better life and opportunity people are migrating to Canada and legally and illegally. Illegal immigrants manage to come to Canada and then claim refuge and soon become Canadian citizens due to week policies. This journal resolves the misconceptions regarding arrivals of new immigrants, government polices and also talks about the illegal ways and means illegal immigrants adopt to acquire citizenship.

James Stevens has very fairly argued over the facts. This journal James argues over the common opinions of Canadian citizens who are against Canadian immigration policies. James through this journal provides facts and proves arguments to be wrong by providing facts and information.

In this section he argues being an immigrant. The critics he argues on are under:He says that immigrants do not take away jobs but instead invest their money in the economy by opening their companies and stating their businesses.

These businesses have provided jobs to more people than ever before. He also provides facts; he quotes that “economy typically grows during periods of high immigration, during year 2004.

He opposed and proves wrong the critic that immigrants and refugees dilute our sense of national pride. He states that majority of immigrants learn our language to assimilate and shake hands with Canadian cultures.

He says that immigrants are not responsible for all crimes in Canada.

In Canadian jails there is an only 12% foreign born prisoner which means that immigrants are only responsible for 12% present of crimes in Canada.

He says that everybody in Canada has right to enjoy life and earn money for well being of his or her family and this is also what most Canadian believe. Similarly immigrants...