Journal Review: When Nothing Works

Essay by texy October 2004

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Every teacher in the classroom has times when nothing seems to work. Children's behaviors can sometimes absolutely take the teacher to their wits-end. Teaching is a hard, thankless job; but teachers who are willing to listen, prove themselves worthy and trusty confidants. Patient thinking, self-reflecting, and consulting can only help these teachers handle the crisis their admirable traits are bound to invite. Some moments of behavior specific, such as students' distractibility, coming to school unprepared, or defensiveness are unavoidable and cannot be linked to the student only for responsibility. In addition, other moments may be unique, evoked by a rare event or a coming together of stresses that disappear as quickly as they appear. Although such situations can signal a need for teacher intervening or doing something, there are times when teachers just cannot do anything right or helpful. What can be done in such inevitable times of confusion and uselessness? The teacher can call a time out; no one can devise a battle plan while under siege.

Teachers might take advantage of those who can provide some space for them to relax, cool off, and think. Teachers can cut their losses; conserve the students' and use their own resources for a better day when constructive learning can take place. In addition, taking the easy way out is not always bad, nor is it always easy. The advice of educational behaviorist is that allowing students to indulge in their wish not to work will reward their bad behavior; this has its place and wisdom. However, occasional leniency in no way has to lead to a permanently unruly classroom. In conclusion, sometimes the teacher might consider that sometimes doing nothing is the most and best they can do. It is not easy to resist the urgent temptation to...