Journal Review Science and Children, Vol. 41, No. 9, Summer 2004

Essay by texy October 2004

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I reviewed the Science and Children journal for the summer of 2004. The focus of this journal is managing hands-on materials. The journal is outlined on the first couple of pages. The first page of contents has identifying marks to allow the reader to know which articles relate to this issues main focus; it also includes the grade(s) the articles relate to. The next page of outlined contents it has a section of topics with the page numbers for teacher resources and a section that includes articles with page numbers that are in every issue. The journal also includes all the information needed for the National Science Teacher Association (NSTA) from their advisory board members to membership information. It also includes advertisements that are related to science, such as advertisements for lab supplies needed in the science classroom. In addition, advertisements for material like books from the NSTA. In the back of the journal, it has NSTA has included its recommendations of books for the classroom. The journal also includes finds and sites, which includes information of free or inexpensive materials, publications, and events of interest. The NSTA also includes all of their conventions registration forms for teachers near the end of the journal. It also has an annual index that includes all issues form September 2003 to summer 2004 so that the reader can go online and access complete past articles that have been missed or lost by the reader. The index of advertisers is the next to last item in the journal; it includes the advertiser with web address and contact phone number. The last item in the journal's contents is an every day science calendar for July 2004 and September 2004, which includes facts and challenges for the science explorer.

I found the Science...