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Day One

As the plane crashed down into the ocean, I felt myself being carried under by the strong currents of the water. My mind went blank and I thought I was going to die now. The month is January so the water is extremely frigid as it sent shocks through every nerve of my body. The pain was intense but I was not sure how many of us that was alive or the fact of even if I was alive. I was scared. I called out for help as I reached the surface of the water. There was silence. I screamed aloud as the warm breath escaped my body. I was trembling but knew I must press on suddenly I saw three bodies they were the other passengers that were aboard with me two friends and a pilot. I swam as fast as I could over to them and realized that one was still alive.

We cried and hugged each other as reality set in, my friend and pilot were dead. We were pretty far from land so we knew we had to swim fast to get everything that we could ashore. Therefore, we decided to hoist the bodies up on the debris for later retrieval. We had to swim back out for them but right now, our main concern was to get as many belongings as we could back to land. We needed to come up with survival strategies until we were rescued. Then an awful frightening thought came to mind... what if we were never saved? The two of us grabbed as much as we could and swam with it to shore. Then we needed to plunge back into the waters to go and retrieve our friends. When we brought them back, we sat across from each...