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Ned Kelly, the Australian bushranger was born in June 1855 at Beveridge, Victoria and was executed on the 11th November 1880 at the age of 25. Ned had ten siblings and lived with his Mother, Ellen Quinn Kelly - who was left a widow due to the death of Ned's father, John Kelly, who was killed in prison on 27th December 1866. Ned's legacy is particularly debatable as he his life is perceived as mysterious to some; some consider him to be a vicious villain, whereas the other side consider him to be an Australian folk hero. When Ned was considerably young, he acquired skills of basic shooting and became familiar with the bush. His first heroic moment was when he put his life on the line to save a young boy, Richard Shelton, from drowning in a nearby creek to his home. He was rewarded with a green sash from Shelton's family in which he wore during his final shootout with in police in 1880.

Ned Kelly further on became leader of a "law breaking" criminal group titled "The Kelly Gang" - a group which was established in 1876 which merely included Ned, his brother, Dan, and their two friends Steve Hart and Joe Byrne.

Ned first act out of criminality was when he stole a horse at the age of 16 in 1871 in which he served 3 years in gaol for his wrongdoings. When Ned was released in late 1874, his mother was arrested and imprisoned for attempted murder when physically attacking a police officer, alongside Ned Kelly assumedly shooting the officer in the wrist, named Fitzpatrick, in order to protect her mother as he perceived the officer to be committing acts of police corruption. This event can be perceived heroically, however on the other hand,