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Robert W. McChesney and John Nichols in the "Death And Life Of American Journalism", begin their arguments that the old world we knew of journalism is dead. They begin their argument saying they both believe the government is the only savior left to bring the importance of journalism back into the world.

In the first chapter, both author's main focus is why the fall of journalism is such a crisis, what is killing newspapers and commercial journalism. They state that the emergence of the Internet to revolutionize and communicate have blown up the business model of newspaper publishing. The Internet is taking away classified advertising and taking away readers who can find online articles for free and not have to pay for it. The Internet is radically less expensive means of production and distribution. The authors also state in chapter one that "the number of newspapers sold per person in the US has been in decline since the 1940s".

They also want the readers who believe this problem will effect only the future of journalism they state " we are far long on this crisis of unaccountable leadership, secrecy, corruption and hollowed out democracy, with the news media having played all too complicit a role. This crisis is represented by industrial bailouts that receive scant scrutinity by members of Congress, let alone the voters, and wars launched on the basis of fantasy rather than face." (pg27) Chapter one is also based on the revenues of newspapers and how they are plummeting because of less and less readers. The internet is beginning to take away all revenues associated with classified ads. " The New York Times adervtising revenues plunged 45 percent from 2006-09. In three years, the ratio of advertising revenue to circulation income fell from 2 to 1, to 1...