The Journalist from Mars by Noam Chomsky

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The Journalist from Mars

It is true that in this technological advance society, the media control and defines our lives in every aspect. We depend totally on media for the information regarding our day to day affairs but also what is going on around the world. Moreover we trust the media blindly, without questioning the authenticity, impartiality and accuracy. The pictures have a huge impact on how we see things; we tend to believe everything the media shows and tells us. Thus we depend on media; we are 'media-fed' population, our thinking patterns are now defined by electronic media. Noam Chomsky is one of the leading intellectuals in the world today, he is known around the world for exposing government's tactics to use media as a weapon to delude the masses and protect the status quo.

Chomsky does not regard technology or the media as essentially bad or deluding; he says that technology and media has brought improvements and progress to the human race in general.

However it is the use of the media which is exploitative and restricts freedom. Chomsky criticizes the uses of media and says that governments in all historical era have used media and have taking control to deceive the masses. Chomsky says that the mainstream media diverts people from the real concerns and issues. The government has always control the media to manipulate the masses and to put their bad work under the carpet.

In his article "The Journalist from Mars" Chomsky exposes how U.S. government has used media to misguide people and how media has always been a tool for government to cover all the wrong-doing and also to mould the way people think. The subject of the article is "war on terrorism" and the role of the media in this war. One of...