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On your journey to gain knowledge, you made a four-year stop at college. To help you succeed in this journey you will need to make numerous stops at the university library throughout the duration of your four years. Now I know this might sound new to you after coming out of high school, but you are going to have to check out books and other materials from the library. This might scare you right now because it might be a first for you, but don't worry it's no sweat.

First off, you are going to have to been given an assignment from one of your favorite professors. This topic can range anywhere from fly-fishing to tying your shoes. If you are like most people, you can get a lot of your information from the Internet; it's not a good idea to use the Internet for everything. The Internet is not all fact and it's credibility is often questionable.

Now turn off your monitor and take a walk to the campus library.

Alright, you finally made it to the library, which was a long couple of hundred miles from your dorm (if that). You walk in the door and you are struck with awe. You've never seen so many books and other resources all in one building. Then, you realize that you're only in the lobby! You then proceed into the main area and you almost have a heart attack. Now let's say that your paper's topic is tying your shoes and that you have never been in a library before. Therefore, you don't know where to begin looking for information on tying your shoes. This is when you can walk up to the reference librarian's desk. There you can tell them you are looking for information on tying your shoes and they can direct you to certain areas of the library where information on the topic will be. These places can be sections of books, the periodical section, and so on.

Once you go to these sections of the library you'll pick up several items on the topic. Then you can take a seat and look over them. This way you can decide what material best suits your topic. Once you have picked the ones you want most, you can put the other ones back on the shelf, or you can have the poor kid who is getting paid minimum wage off of Federal Work Study do it for you.

Alright, you take your selections to the front desk and ask to take them out. The circulation clerk asks you for your library card, which should be your student identification card for most people. If that's not the case for you and you do not have a card, don't get upset. It will only take a couple minutes to fill out a library card application. Alright, the clerk scans your card and then the books. They stamp the books with a due date. The date marked is the day you must have the books back to the library by, or you might have to pay a fine in some cases. The fine is especially damaging since you are a college student and are strapped for cash as it is. Anyways, you take your materials and library card and walk out the door.

You did it, you took out materials from the library; congratulations. You have conquered your fears and now nothing can stop you. The only problem now is reading the materials. Sorry, I can't help you out with this problem. Good luck.