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Journey offers opportunities for people to extend and challenge themselves, also help them to gain insights into themselves and the world around them.

A journey involves movements to a new place, including physically, emotionally and intellectually. No matter which type of journey we undertaken, it will offer people the opportunities to extend themselves as they respond to challenges and learn more about themselves and the world around them. The prescribed text, stimulus booklet and other complementary materials give responders an exploration of changes in the individual undergoing a journey. Through those texts, the composers use various language features and techniques to convey the concept of the journey and how the journey brings changes into the characters.

The play Whose Life Is It Anyway by Brian Clark explores the physical and inner journey of a patient-Ken Harrison, whose quest is to fight for dignity and choice about his own life.

Ken is a quadriplegic and is confined to bed after a tragic car accident.

Physically, he can't move his body from the neck down and needs to be totally depending on the hospital assistant. He gives us insight into himself as he said he feels like a "vegetable" and belongs to the "compost heap". This extends metaphor shows the responders Ken's despair which is manifesting through this sarcastic humor.

Even thought his physical journey is ended, his inner journey carried on.

Ken's intellectual journey starts with sexual innuendo. He uses his sense of humor to shock Nurses, such as "have me on the floor please, sister." Even thought his sexual reference is humorous, they reflect his emotional frustration toward his current physical condition. Also, Ken shows his new understanding of Hospital culture. He makes fun of the hospital procedures by saying" hospitals are weird places, Broken necks are acceptable, but a...