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Ardian Berisha

Course : Basic Writing

Instructor : Arta Vinca

Date : 10/30/2012

Final Draft

Do Sports keep Teens out of Trouble?

Nowadays, teenagers in general are finding themselves in big troubles and in different

complicated situations which in some cases can be deadly for theme selves and their family.

According to many surveys that are made about teenagers this phenomenon happens because

they concentrate only in doing things that are inappropriate instead of spending more time

playing sports. Furthermore, by playing sports, teens sometimes feel a sense of accomplishment

and also it helps them build self-esteem. Teenagers that play sports not only would do well in

school but also would have a sense of team spirit and team work. These traits are needed to

succeed in life .Moreover, when they participate in sports, their chances of being involved in

troubles are minimized therefore, I strongly support the fact that Sports keep teens out of


First of all, every teenager had trouble at school or at home and needed to go somewhere and

find condolence. The place where they could find that was unfortunately bad source which

may be good at the first sight but then those who accepted and welcomed them end up

joining them to street gangs and bad companies. In addition, teens who start being criminals at

age of 15 end up having the longest criminal rate record. This can also be proved by the fact that

in the last fifteen years, the rate of crimes among teenagers has increased by 30%. If this

percentage of crime continues increasing in this rate, youth in general are being permanently

risked from criminal behavior. In spite of this situation, the most effective way to reduce teens

crime is to keep them away from different criminal activities before it's...