Journey with a Book

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We were hurtling at a breath taking speed of 360 km/h in the magnetic Japanese bullet. I was in the middle of an intensifying moment when abruptly, the train came to a halt.. I was so involved with the book that when the train stopped for some perplexing reason, the motion of the previously running train thrust my body forward, giving me excruciating pain as I made impact with the terrified gentleman sitting in front of me!!BANG!!! The compartment doors flew open; two dangerous looking men appeared in front of us. One of these men held me and the other smashed his gun into my gut and then slammed the butt of his gun on my head. It was terrifying and painful, they left me there unconscious.

When I woke up, I was surprised to find myself tied up with all of the other passengers in the train, all eager to know what was happening.

To all of our amazement the hijackers had somehow read our minds and answered our question. From their rather pathetic speech we all were pretty sure they were amateurs and the real mastermind was hiding somewhere, at least this was obvious to me; it was like a Déjà vu. As time progressed it was amazing how somehow I was able to anticipate all of the moves the hijackers put into practice. It was when I sat there in my own childish thoughts when I remembered my book and how similar the book and this event were. It hit me that the books plot was being used to carry out this act of terrorism.

Though the events after this, took place over a time span of probably 4-5 hours it seemed like minutes and so aren’t worth mentioning in detail:•I read over my book...