Journey To The Center Of The Earth

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The Journey to the Center of the Earth

By: Zoe Gross

Mrs. Flynn

No scientist has ever been to the center of the earth, not even machines. Nothing that scientist can do are able to get them past the crust, because the temperature and pressure increase the father you go down. Then how in the world do scientist know what's down there? Just like doctor's can tell what is in us by what comes out. Geologists are scientist who study earths inner by studying seismic waves and rock. That is how Geologists know what is inside earth.

Earth has three main layers, crust, mantel, and core Geologists have gone even farther by giving us 7 layers of the earth. Geologist broke the crust in half, the mantel into threes, and the core in half. They are known as the continental crust, oceanic crust, lithosphere, asthenosphere, lower mantle, outer core, and inner core.

Those are the layers of the earth.

The crust and upper mantel are amazing because they form the first four layers. The continental crust is what forms the continents and contains mostly Granite. The oceanic crust is the crust at the bottom of the ocean and is made of basalt. The lithosphere forms a rigid layer in between the crust and mantel. After the lithosphere comes a softer bendable layer called the asthenosphere. Together these layers form a splendid beginning of earth layers.

The lower mantel and the core are 5 times more incredible than the crust and upper mantel. The lower mantel is made of Nickel and Iron, it floats. The outer core is made of liquid which the lower mantel floats in. The inner core is solid rock because of all the pressure from the other layers that surround the inner core. The lower mantel...