A Journey Into The Wild

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Christopher McCandless, a free spirited wanderer and also the subject of Jon Krakauers book Into The Wild, ventured into the wilds of Alaska. His adventures were the most extravagant adventures that anyone could ever dream of experiencing. He befriended many people while on this great adventure and his death impacted the life of his family and many others . But many people speculate as to why he decided to take this certain path in his life. One important obstacle that really stands out in the book, is that he didn't want the life that his parents were planning out for him. He was a free spirit, longing for adventure and excitement, and no one, not even his parents, could understand that.

Chris McCandless was what some people would call, a very privileged person. He was well educated, came from a very well-to-do family and had everything that anyone would ever want.

He grew up in northern Virginia and also graduated with a degree from Emory University in 1990. Shortly after graduating, he gave $24,000 to a charity called OXFAM and ceased all communication with his family. There is no known proof as to "why" he ventured out into the wild, but many people have their own theory's as to why he chose to take this path in his life. Some people thought he was just crazy, and others(02.)thought he was young and wasn't ready to settle down in just one place alone. He wanted adventure and excitement. That's something that most peoples lives don't consist of.

Mistakes from Walts past caused Chris to disrespect his father. Walt tried to push Chris to be the person he wanted him to be, instead of letting Chris plan his life out for him self. His parents just kept pushing him toward their...