The Journey Inward

Essay by cryingflameHigh School, 12th grade October 2004

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"Class, tomorrow the final draft of your personal essay will be due. Also, be prepared for a quiz on verb tenses and relationships with other grammatical terms." And so ends the first class of my harried, busy day. I know that a test on the conjugation of verbs awaits me in the next class, Spanish II, followed by a test in Statistics. I will then rush down Highway 70 in order to get to my internship across town, where I will spend at least two hours filing records, researching information, and summarizing diabetes classes. By the time I collapse into a chair at home it will be about time to leave for my evening bible study with the pastor at my church. My brain spins with the effort of finding time not only to process the information of my day but also to actually exert a quality effort into the assignments of my challenging classes.

My racing obsessions and chaotic mindset are quieted when a familiar thought begins to float through my head, I have a secret weapon that will connect me in mind, body, and spirit, will bring a sense of peace to my tireless run, and recenter the focus of my day. When I set aside an hour or two to spend on the riding trails I essentially am adding not only hours to my day and clarity to my life but also a deeper effort and quality to any work that I will devote my time to.

A cool breeze raises goosebumps along the flesh of my arms, chills my core, and evokes an unconscious shiver as I enter the jaded beauty of the woods. My nostrils are filled with the acrid smell of wet leaves and damp earth. If I slow my breath to...