A journey of the unsighted (creative writing for journey's NSW HSC).

Essay by AMeyers November 2005

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Seeing new people, new places and being exposed to new experiences, it changes people. My world was the only place I felt comfortable and safe from the evil exterior that I'd made myself believe never existed. I closed myself out from love and being loved, from taking chances and having enough belief in my own ability to get through the hard times. My journey was finding myself. Uncovering a girl that appreciated and accepted the world, the people in it and finding out where she fits in. In my sheltered world I was foolish, ignorant and weak. My passage opened my eyes, my head and my heart to the exquisite world that I knew existed but was always too afraid to search for.

I'd been brought up in a country town where children ran innocently under the sprinklers to escape the harshness of my country sun. We roamed our sun bleached land, exploring its bulges and curves searching for something - or nothing.

We were oblivious to those around us. We lived without a care in the world, we slept - occasionally, and we learnt about our selves and each other. Then we started growing up.

People tend to believe that growing up is the same for everyone, you hit puberty, you feel things you'd never felt before, you start liking boys - which you could never believe to be possible, you get taller, fatter, you get pimples the size of Mount Everest, the grease and oil flows freely and bam, you're now a teenager. For me, it wasn't that straightforward. Not only did I get taller and fatter, but my parents had loosened my grip on my home, the place I felt safe and secure. Finger by finger they disconnected my grasp until it was gone. Unbeknown...