Journeys in Shakespeare's 'As You Like It'

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Text may show us that the world of inner journeys involve unexpected encounters. To what extent do the texts you have studied support this idea. In your response refer to your prescribed text and one chosen text

The unexpected encounters one is confronted with throughout a journey transform . Through this, they are able recognise their obligations to themselves and others. In Shakespeare's 'As You like It', Oliver embarks on a journey in which he faces physical obstacles including "a green and glided snake" and "a lioness with udders all drawn dry" from which he is rescued by Orlando. The use of vivid animal imagery heightens the theme of nature, this reinforces that nature is closely linked with the progression of a journey as it presents obstacles of varying kinds. These physical encounters trigger Oliver's character transformation as he comes to value Orlando's "kindness, nobler ever than revenge" in rescuing him.

The juxtaposition of "kindness" and "revenge" and the use of a comparative adjective reveal the transformation in perspective of life from materialistic to abstemious. This transformation results in Oliver's unexpected encounter with love. Oliver falls in love with Aliena and informs Orlando: "for my father's house and all the revenue that was sir Rowland's will I estate upon you, and here (in the forest ) live and die a shepherd." Oliver's tone of generosity and the connection made to nature reinforces the power of a journey in teaching one to uphold a life of sacrifice for oneself and others and upholding responsibility. Therefore, the unexpected encounters one is confronted with throughout a journey are powerful in transforming an individual's views of the world which surrounds them and their place within it.

Similarly, the poem 'Three days ride' by Stephen Vincent Benet explores the way in...