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Throughout our journeys, we can expect the road of life to be paved with many experiences of both joys and sorrows drawn in. The joy that life brings creates a wonderful encounter with the world and all it's people. Joy is described as an especially intense period of happiness that results with contentment, pleasure, and delight. Although our life is a so-called "rollercoaster ride," and is filled with so many different dispositions or vibes, our joyful moments are the ones to be treasured and remembered forever. These moments are the ones that render a person to feel at the summit or highest point of the world and in humankind, but since life has so many different adventures and never occurs in the same fashion all the time, other temperaments are considered as well. Joy is a source or perhaps an object that grounds a feeling of enjoyment, cheerfulness, or satisfaction.

"Their only child was their pride and joy."

Joy can be illustrated by the passion or emotion that is energized by the gaining or anticipation of good. Joyful thoughts and manners are the pleasurable feelings or emotions caused by success, good fortune, and fondness, or by a normal prospect of possessing what we love or desire. Joy is gladness and indulgence as well as an exhilaration of a person's spirits.

Many people have distinct sources that cause them happiness or joy as for it differs and fluctuates from person to person. Learning to live in the present moment is a part of the path to joy. As Shakespeare said, "Things won are done; joy's soul lies in the doing." Another great aspect of this quote that demonstrates the world's values (joys) and a real explanation of joy comes from a quote by Cesare Pavese, "The only joy...