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Since America and Asia are far apart, there are a lot of differences between American and Asian culture. Everybody knows it, but it brings to mind a question, "Why are they different even though we are human-beings who are all same?" I found out why there is a difference when I read the Joy Luck Club. Although I am from South Korea, I did not realize the differences between them before I read Joy Luck Club. I for the most part agreed with what I read. Asians and Americans usually have conflicts with each other because they misunderstand what is being said or done, because the culture is different and they think differently. Therefore I think that some of the problems were cause by the dissimilarities of the two cultures, especially the contrasting dinner etiquette's to explain these differences.

The cultural difference that is the easiest to see is dinner etiquette.

I was upset when I first came to Canada about how the people kept taking my food because they were too lazy to go and get some more. After three years, I am taking food from the people in the dining hall, which means I have changed my way of thinking in this respect. The reason that I was upset is that Asian people have a stereotype about food. It is just like this. If I have taken this, this is mine, and nobody can touch this. This may sound barbaric or like animals fighting for their food. This kind of thought was probably brought about because through out history we had war many times this means that only the strong people who have lots of food survived. American people all want to share everything that they have. They think that if I give something this time,