The Joy Luck Club

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Marriage is a really important part of life. The novel The Joy Luck Club, written by Amy Tan, explores the concept of marriage in all of its forms. The daughters' marriages are less successful than the mothers'. The three daughters who are being mentioned in the essay are Waverly Jong, Rose Hsu Jordan and Lena St. Clair. Waverly Jong acts impatiently and does not try hard to maintain her first marriage. Rose Hsu Jordan listens to other people and makes an opinion on the basis of their sayings. Lena St. Clair has many deep-rooted problems that are hard to fix. Thus, all the three daughters have hardships in their marriages.

Waverly Jong does not maintain her previous marriage and acts impatiently towards making a decision for another marriage. She marries Marvin, her high school sweetheart, because she loves him. She also wants to please her mother because she wants her daughter to marry a Chinese man.

She is not able to maintain her marriage since she does not try hard enough. When she sees him become lazy and chasing after golf balls, she does not stop him, but instead lets him go and gives him a chance to run away from family responsibilities. This is shown when Waverly says: "My feelings for Marvin never reached the level of hate. No, it was worse in a way. It went from disappointment to contempt to apathetic boredom. It wasn't until after we separated, on nights when Shoshana was asleep and I was lonely, that I wondered if perhaps my mother had poisoned my marriage." (Tan, 192). This emphasizes that though Waverly is separated from Marvin, her feelings for him are never going to reach the level of hate. She blames her mother for her marriage to Marvin, which in fact...