"Joy Luck Club" by Amy Tan

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The "Joy Luck Club" is a story based on family values that are interacted between four mothers and four daughters. Throughout the story each mother and daughter shares a story about their sacrifices, success and experiences in their lives. Typically whenever a daughter is in a dilemma, it is directed towards their mother's experiences.

Mothers and Daughters:

Suyuan Woo ( Jing Mei Woo

An-Mei Hsu ( Rose Hsu Jordan

Lindo Jong ( Waverly Jong

Suyuan Woo and Jing Mei Woo:

and noble hearts. However, the mother and daughter both struggle to understand each other.

Suyuan always wanted Jing-Mei to become successful; she put her through many tests and treated her like a child prodigy to become something in life.

Suyuan feels as if she was unsuccessful in teaching Jing-Mei the ways of life; all she ever wanted from her daughter was something she could be good at and show that to the world

Suyuan sacrificed her twin daughters and all her belongings; she even gave away all the money.

This is a sacrifice from a mother to the daughters. This changed her way of living and thinking about life.

Jing- Mei feels that she has fulfilled her mother's greatest wish, and has thus found her own kind of settlement with her mother.

An-Mei Hsu and Rose Hsu Jordan:

An- Mei and Hsu and Rose Hsu Jordan has strong mother and daughter relationship. They are two phenomenal characters with an inspiration to do what they desire. These characters care tremendously about the others around them.

An-Mei was unsuccessful in teaching rose the act of responsibilities but at last she was successful when rose was getting divorced.

As Rose is getting divorced,