The Joy Luck Club- Movie Vs. Film

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SYNOPSIS OF THE BOOK/ FILM The Joy Luck Club, written by Amy Tan, is a powerful portrayal of four Chinese women and the lives of their children in America. Amy Tan's novel focused and explored the different mother- daughter relationships between the character's friends, lovers and even enemies.

The book is organized into four sections, two devoted to the mothers and two devoted to the daughters. This organized setting will be definitely included in the production of the film. The film will also include the same eight principle characters that was incorporated into the book. These eight characters are necessary because they connect the whole novel together. The lives of each of the characters will be closely examined as they were throughout the novel.

I think that more emphasis will be placed on the importance of the title. The Joy Luck Club was a group created by one of the characters, Suyuan Woo.

This club was created in China during the Japanese invasion. The Joy Luck Club was made up of four women who each sat at a corner of the mah jong table. They would party and pretend each week had become a new year. They would eat, play games and tell stories. Each week they would hope to be lucky. That hope was their only joy. That is why they called their little parties, Joy Luck. The Joy Luck Club plays a significant role in the lives of the Chinese mothers. It connects to their Chinese heritage which is one of the main focuses that the film will emphasis. The focus relates to the importance of keeping heritage and background alive throughout generations to come.

Another main focus would be on the connections between the mother and daughter's in each chapter. The author, Amy Tan...