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In the novel, The Joy Luck Club, by Amy Tan "joy luck" refers to the club that Suyuan created. The club consisted of three other young women. One was the wife of an Army officer, one was a women was from a rich family in Shanghai, and the other was a women from a lower class family in Nanking. The women started the club in so that they could escape the fear and uncertainty of the war. They cooked "feasts," played mahjong, and traded stories into the night, while wishing to become lucky. After Suyuan escaped Chungking, and came to America, she started the San Francisco chapter of the Joy Luck Club. This chapter used to play with money and that was the way they got joy. After a while, when they realized that the same person was continuously winning, the club decided to invest in the stock market.

This way everyone is lucky. The club evolved from a club were people gambled together, winner taking all, to a club that invested their money in one another's joy, and hopes that the future was to only get better. The club was started with the intention of creating joy and luck for everyone.